About this project
The intention to building a luxury hotel in Keszthely at this end of the lake Balaton is a risky venture. Our identity research led to valuable information for strategy and identity rooted of the local baroque heritage Festetics Castle: a theme of ’classical noble lifestyle in contemporary interpretation’. A fully theme-based service list, operation design and architectural solutions extended to every perceived effects like sounds, smells, gastronomy, artworks, etc.
french garden, english garden, peacock house and peacocks, outsoor music and event pavilion, underground garage/outdoor parking, lobby and themed men/women saloons, restaurant, conference and bal room(s), 2 themed room designs, suites, penthouse residence, spa zone, spa bar, wellness zone, private spas, men/women beauty centre, outdoor spa, privite and social garden services 
2018- | Keszthely, Hungary
12320 m² built area, 127 rooms
Marton Krupp, Gabor Lachazi, Daniel Halasz, Zsofia David, Adam Singer, Viola Hajas, Orsolya Hobaj, Dr. Lilla Dora Szatloczky, Mate Nemeth, Aliz Suket, Tamas Hamburger, Adorjan Vamos, Mark Mezei, Szabolcs Endes, Agnes Ferkel, Agnes Czuck, Timea Varga, Alexandra Szoke, Alex Varadi, Peter Vrasko, Adam Pribil