About this project
Airport proximity, neighboring transportation hub and shopping malls, city centre at 10min metro distance in a yet underdeveloped area of Budapest. A pioneering project, the result of our careful swot analysis, the first socially interactive business park in Budapest targeting international corporate clients. Leading organisations need workplaces that inspire people to interact spontaneously, a key to innovative ideas. Offices, a business hotel and serviced longstay apartments. Jet-lag room, multifaith prayer chapel, laundry, supermarket, e-car and direct airport transport service for arriving managers. A canteen where long tables enforce workers to eat together, a café where to chat, a finefood restaurant for business lunches. Conference centre and differentiated meeting rooms. Parks, courtyards of different experience, benches, lying decks, walking paths and fountains. A gym with cardio machines, diverse and big social saunas. All facilities and architectural solutions have the purpose of inspiring people to interact in big scale. Such connection of crowds that are similar in mentality by design, leads to the birth of vast new ideas and the development of mankind!
offices, business hotel with business centre, serviced apartments, canteen, bar, café, restaurant, spa, community gym, sauna centre, convention centre, dental centre, supermarket, laundry, multifaith chapel, jet-lag room, e-car service, parking, public squares and parks 
2018- | Budapest, Hungary
62600 m² built area
Tamas Hamburger, Daniel Kutasi, Alexandra Szoke, Adam Pribil, Eszter Godina, David Vezer, Adam Singer