In the first 10 years of our operation we have gained experience from several projects we carried out in various functions, on various scales. We were open to all kinds of clients and were eager to understand their motivation. Among them were average people and wealthy private individuals, entrepreneurs, businessmen, service providers, doctors, lawyers, owners of hotels, hotel operators, investors, developers, self-governments and public organisations. We have worked and shared our thoughts with several nations in numerous countries.

Our greatest benefit from this period is that we have come to know the varied mentality of private individuals, of investors and that of enterprises. We had the opportunity to interpret their unique motivations and to find answers in the complexity of contexts.

It is both our achievements and our failures that contributed to the development of our strategic thinking and that of our operational goals. Thus we are offering unique, value-creating solutions that establish the success of hotel investments or complex developments, reinterpret social living spaces and imagine the special, original living spaces of private clients.

SingerDesign at work


The key to creating additional value in a project lies in the innovative approach. We explore the strengths and weaknesses of the location and that of the demands, and we analyse several other aspects. We identify the intended users and their needs. We create user-experience and then transform it into service. Service is expressed through design varying according to the individual.

"To design experiences in architecture means to find out
which experiences are profound at the location
than to invent through what services is it possible to make them enjoyable,
and thoroughly design them all!"

The creation of innovative results and that of the operational focus requires the removing of all difficulties. Therefore, our unique and future-oriented organisational model is based on common responsibility, common problem-solving, open communication, common knowledge and individual self-knowledge. Our board is responsible for economic growth, for improvement strategies and for the support of cultural development. Architectural creation, meeting deadlines and professional development are all responsibilities of our project-team.
It is our shared responsibility to specify and keep the projects we have taken on, to accomplish professional and innovative architecture, to identify and solve organisational problems and to improve each other’s and the team’s self-knowledge. The SingerDesign core-team is partnering with several professional consultants and experts, thus we are now working with a staff of about 60-80 people.


We are building an organisation that is committed to creating innovation systematically. This is our most important goal and we are devoting all our energies to bring it to perfection. Why? Premium architecture does not copy patterns. The establishment of demands, the fulfilment of the conditions, the architectural formulation, in brief – the constant problem-solving has creative results in a team where the central cultural aim is the open inspiration of the individual.

Our awesome team

Our power lies within the team. We believe in diversity and we believe that professionals with various backgrounds and interests are able to build up a professional discussion where several viewpoints can win acceptance. Thus, it is possible to provide more comprehensive, professional answers to the questions emerging throughout the projects.

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